Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s condemnation of the U.S. Supreme Court for voting down a controversial state anti-abortion law sparked a lot of comments, many of them spilling over into talk of secession modeled after the United Kingdom’s explosive decision to leave the European Union. A Facebook sampling:

Daniel Nymeros Martell: Greg Abbott, no one is fooled by your excuse that the Texas law was trying to “safeguard the health and safety of women.” It was always intended to block the legal right of women to obtain an abortion in our state. If you’re going to take a strong position, at least have the courage to stand up for it.

Rocky Burgess: Why should we care what SCOTUS does? They have rendered themselves irrelevant by forcing Obamacare on us. Their rulings are no longer valid. We in Texas should make it known by removing all federal employees from our state.

Christopher Rhyne: Even with just eight justices, it still went 5-3 against Greg Abbott and the hateful conservatives. How’s not allowing a sitting president to nominate the ninth working for ya?

Rex Vaughn: Gov. Abbott, it’s time. A Texas secession would give D.C. a wake-up call. We Americans can rebuild this nation, which was founded under God, one state at a time, with Texas in the lead.

Marty Evans: What we need is a statement from the governor, backed by the Texas attorney general, the commander of the Texas National Guard and the head of the state troopers, that “We will not comply.” It is time to exercise the 10th Amendment option and, if that doesn’t work, then “Texit.”

Jonathan Ramos: We need to Texit anyway. We must secede. We could use Russia as an ally.

PJ Graham: What is your “Texit” strategy? You will have no trade agreements, meaning supply will be hindered. You will have no U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service or military support, so the fact that you have been poking Mexico with a stick for 200 years might be problematic. They won’t protect you from the drug cartels, and your “illegal immigration problem” might actually become one. Your school system is already struggling — not that you seem to mind — so loss of schools altogether might be OK. Do you think your money will be accepted worldwide or will you just leech off the U.S. dollar?

Laura Martinson: You need to let this go. We will never secede. Born and raised in Texas, and I would never vote for such a thing. I’m an American first, Texan second.

Carlos Quezada: The Texits are a special kind of stupid. It’s no wonder Scandinavians use “Texas” as an adjective to mean “stupid crazy.”

Everett Saucedo: If the current leadership is any indication, an independent Texas would be a poor guarantor of civil and human rights, as well as the environment. I’m an American first and a Texan second, and always will be.