Georgia Republican Gov. Nathan Deal’s promised veto of state legislation whose “religious liberty” provisions might have allowed taxpayer-funded homeless shelters, drug-counseling centers and even hospitals to discriminate against gays provoked plenty of outrage and debate on his Facebook page this week. Deal defended his decision after numerous corporations voiced opposition to the state’s anti-gay bill, including the NFL, NCAA, Disney and Apple. A sampling of the comments:

Troy Heard: Thumbs up! Thank you for not destroying Georgia’s fastest growing industries. Your veto takes a great deal of courage and falls in line with the true teaching of Jesus — love one another.

Suzanne Reed Miranda: Money is the root of all evil.

Troy Heard: So are bigotry and hatred.

John Blum: Suzanne, is that why they pass the offering plate around in church? And if money is the ultimate evil, harsher than even homosexuality, then why is any Christian even in business to begin with?

Edward Smith: Troy, you know as much about the true teachings of Jesus as a gallon of cold water that has a quarter of a bullion cube in it knows of chicken soup. You heard nothing when the word of God was being proclaimed.

David Lindner: Gay lifestyle is an industry? Who knew?

Kathy Schroeder: Jesus did say to love one another. He did not say to condone one another’s sin. Yes, do read your Bible. Nathan Deal, you are just a politician. Money is it.

Jeff DeVincent: Kathy Schroeder, please note the Bible mandates that if you’re going to take one law literally, then all biblical laws must be taken literally! You don’t get to pick and choose, so you best be selling off your children and abstain from shellfish!

Jennifer Lowrey: No pastor has ever been made to marry someone they don’t want to. When was the last time a Catholic church married a couple of Jewish people? Never!

Melissa Rzepka Martin: Troy Heard, sorry, sir, you are wrong. God never condoned sin! And pastors shouldn’t be forced to partake of anything that goes against Bible teaching or anything for that matter. Our Constitution protects our religious freedom. I remind you, sir, God is watching!

Ethan Gillespie: Hypothetical question: I am a business owner (which is real). I deny a person my services (I fix phones/tablets) because they are gay. What do you think the general public would do to me? Do you think that I (or any other business) could stay in business by denying services because someone is gay? What would my competitors do when they find out I’m turning down customers? I have more faith in Georgians. Businesses would be boycotted so quick down here for denying services.

Jarvis Greene: Everyone complaining, you have a weapon — your wallet. Use it. Get everyone you know to boycott Disney, the NFL, the NBA, and be sure to refuse watching any of Disney’s movies that were filmed in Georgia. Time to mobilize.

Jess Lopez: Bigotry and discrimination should never be protected. No special rights for bigots and Christian radicals.