This week Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced his new book, “Broken But Unbowed,” part biography, part political tract, the latter about how “we can apply the lessons I’ve learned and the legal battles I’ve fought to restore the Constitution and fix our country’s foundation.”

Some responses on his Facebook page reflect an erroneous assumption — that the state of Texas was on the losing end of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling this week on “one person, one vote.” The state of Texas was allied with other groups battling far-right Republicans who wanted election districts drawn based on eligible voters only. A sampling of comments:

Dave Sanders: You mean the legal battles you’ve fought and mostly lost? Thanks for wasting our tax dollars on that. What else are we going to use it for? Infrastructure? We don’t need no stinkin’ infrastructure. Education? We don’t need no stinkin’ education. Seems you can even pass the bar exam without one.

James Carter: You will never get a vote from me. I have been a Republican for more than 70 years. I think governors should stay out of national politics. You have or should have more important things to do and one of them is leading in the state’s business. Law and order would be a start.

Beau Howard: And apparently you’ve been an idiot for over 70 years, James. Governors are supposed to be involved at the highest levels. That’s part of their job. The 10th Amendment makes it very clear.

Leroy Alaniz: With all due respect, governor, I’d request all proceeds made from your book be created into a fund program for displaced oil-field workers and their families. I’m certain the governor of this great state of Texas is well compensated already.

Whit Siever: A lot of oil-field workers are trained to rake in as much take-home pay while it’s there and are fully aware the job assignments are always temporary, even if it lasts for months or years. Plus their skill sets are transferable to several sectors (construction, telecom, assembly, roadwork, long-haul trucking, etc.) They’re aware of that going in and they’ll be fine in the event (oil-field work) ends abruptly.

Lowell Henry: I see eight Syrians were captured trying to cross Texas border. Is this part of the fine border security Ted Cruz helped put in place? In Texas we have endured enough of non-doers. If borders do not get better soon, you, governor, will not be in office long. There is a call nationwide for better border security and Texas should have had their act together by now.

Ben Lindsey: After the 8-0 Supreme Court “spanking,” how many reputable law schools will want this book in their library?

Angie Turner: Gov. Abbott proposes amendments in his Texas Plan to Restore the Rule of Law by limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. He endorses an Article V Convention of States, a tool left to us by George Mason and the Framers for such a time.

Craig Billingsley: There are reports residents of Clint, Texas, were rounded up by Jade Helm military to be microchipped or for RFID implantation. I pray this is not true.