A Trib story about the Hewitt City Council considering a bond package of between $4 million and $6 million to fund road work and a new fire truck prompted lively debate over the prospect of a tax hike :

Sherri Bowlin Phillips: That’s all these fools know how to do is raise taxes. Enough! You have enough coming in. Stop wasting money and buying crap that’s not needed and the money will last. They always make it seem like it’s such a small amount you are giving up. Oh, it’s only an extra $5 a month. Stop it!

Brad Turner: It costs money to live in a great city and I appreciate the city planning things out so that it doesn’t cost us more money in the future. The council members are reasonable people who volunteer time to make our lives better and they pay taxes, too. Do what you need to do, leaders, and thanks for keeping the exemption in place and not raising things before now.

Ivori Murray: Why can’t the city of Hewitt seek out a donation for the fire truck or start a Go Fund Me campaign instead of raising our taxes again? There are so many more options available than punishing the residents.

Christian Veselka: Ivori Murray, Sherri Bowlin Phillips and everyone else: Equipment breaks and you need to replace these items. You have one bad-ass fire department and a bad-ass police department. The most overworked are usually the water utility guys and they just bust their butts with old and sometimes outdated equipment, which is hard when you’re working on water leaks. So when your house is on fire or your apartment or even the restaurant you’re eating at is on fire, don’t complain if the fire truck breaks or the fire hydrant is messed up because you don’t want to pay $5 extra a month or $60 a year. How about when you need the police and their car breaks and something bad happens to you because of that $5? All of those folks put their butts on the line for you. They keep the city running and miss their family time so you can rant like you are. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Mary Spangler Ferguson: It’s getting pretty old getting tax increases! Seems like it happens every year! Maybe we don’t need to build anything new for a while!

Joe Justice: I love the new library but, to be honest, it’s really a daycare center that just happens to have a few books.

Sholly Gunter: Seems like that would be of value to all the people in town who have kids, no?

Joe Justice: Your kid may be the center of YOUR universe but isn’t the center of THE universe and I don’t want to pay for it.

Vickie Bowen Cobbs: Open some restaurants with liquor and beer and there’s your tax money.

Elli Harris Mevis: If you whiners don’t like it, move to Waco.

Roy Dunn: Quit building Walmarts.

Deirdre Dare: Hewitt didn’t build Walmart. Walmart built Walmart. Hewitt only benefits from the extra tax revenue that Walmart provides. So stop generating tax revenue for the city is your solution?