The news that Waco’s first couple Chip and Joanna Gaines have decided to leave their hit HGTV series “Fixer Upper” after its soon-to-start fifth season for some personal restoration time shouldn’t totally surprise anyone. Still, it nonetheless fueled thoughts of the home-restoration show’s folksy impact on Waco and beyond (including busy Magnolia Market at the Silos) as well as wild, baseless rumors that have mercilessly dogged the couple. A look at comments of our readers on Facebook:

M. Teresa Mansolo: I am sad they are ending the show. However, I am SO appreciative of the Gaines family for bringing a positive light to Waco.

Angela DiMedio Reiher: No matter where I go, when people find out I lived in Waco they inevitably want to know about Joanna and Chip. Has given Waco a positive image! Will be missed!

Tommy Huff: We are finally known for something other than the Branch Davidians. I am so thankful for the Gaineses and all the positive light and money they have poured into Waco.

Rebecca Ann Murphey-Clukey: I told you so last year that HGTV was done with them. Went through too many producers. THAT’s the real story. Next the divorce. ... Oh, no, you people are so naive.

Brandi Lowery Connor: I don’t live in Waco but visit frequently, having a Baylor student. Almost weekly people ask me what to do when they [visit] there. While their initial plans revolve around going to Magnolia Market, they also go to lots of other local small businesses, eat at local restaurants (not chains) and visit Cameron Park and other places they may never have known of before “Fixer Upper.”

Deborah Martin: Will miss this show. Love seeing the family and the homes they fix up in the Waco area. Love to go to the Silos every time I go to Waco.

Moriah Jean Greer: I am from Waco (Axtell really), now we live in Michigan. It’s much nicer to be asked about Chip and Joanna’s work over David Koresh’s.

Lynne Gottschalk: Love the show. Best home remodels ever. They can come to Tucson anytime. I have a house that was built in 1906 that needs your help!

Patricia Gorton: I heard it is a good show, though I don’t watch it! But scads of friends out of town do! They are impressed! What will doctors’ offices turn on now?

Garrett Kinsey (flippantly): Oh, no, how will we ever get over this great loss?

Debby Hunt: It’s a woman thing, dude.

Cliff Pilcher: My family there could care less about the show, I’m just speaking from a capitalistic point of view. This show did wonders for Waco’s national appeal. For years to come, tourists will come to Waco because that show did such a wonderful job of making Waco look like a place to live.

Angela Rhorer Hering: Highly doubtful they’ll hibernate for too long.

Polly Peyton: I used to like the show, but they got so silly I stopped watching it.

Carole Phillips Heath: I’m amazed some people aren’t thankful the Gaineses took a run-down part of Waco and made it into a revenue-producing area. They employed people and have put a positive spin on our city. One might be thanking them instead of complaining.