To the surprise of some, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush endorsed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, despite the attacks Trump launched on Bush’s father, Jeb, and uncle, George W. Bush, and their refusal to endorse Trump. A sampling of reactions from the commissioner’s Facebook page:

Kris Shoemake: Thank you so much for doing the right thing and supporting the Republican nominee! I have supported your family 100 percent through the years and have been so disappointed in them lately. Thank you for doing what is best for the country!

Jules Johnston: Endorsing a narcissist who is a national security threat is not “best” for this country. George, you’re not very politically savvy. I can just see your future opponent’s political ad: “If George P. Bush stabs his own family’s back, then how can you ever trust him?”

Jay Hunter: So, you endorsed the guy who humiliated your father, insulted your mother’s heritage and accused your uncle of murdering over 200,000? So Trump was correct?

Dianna Marie: I like you, George P. Bush. Thank you for standing behind the American Republican voters!

Ellen Dillard Peacock: Thank you for standing up in support of the Republican candidate for president. Now you got to work on those old farts in your family. Best of luck on that. It’s up to you to make them see that your family also deserves a future where all will still have freedom from oppression and corruption. The future starts with you.

Mark Romero: George, you are a traitor to your own family. The entire Bush family refuses to endorse Trump, yet you wholeheartedly endorse him. What is wrong with you? Your family realizes how toxic Trump is but apparently you don’t. You are endorsing Trump for your own political gain instead of doing the right thing for America. Trump is beyond unfit to serve as president. If it were up to him, your own mother would have never made it out of Mexico. You shame America, your Mexican heritage and the Bush family.

Lisa Koen: A Bush who has common sense? Wow. I know Trump is not everything the establishment wants and he is not a politician, but we need to swallow our pride and support Trump! I supported your uncle even though I did not agree with a lot of things [he supported].

Ken Cosentino: Now we know who has the courage and brains in the family. Respect!

Ronald E. Bobel: Bush is a traitor and supports someone who made fun of his dad. I would never want a son like him.

Robert Moorhead: As a man who comes from a political family, including two presidents, you should know better than to endorse Trump. Do you agree with his incitement to violence against his rival?

Terry N Barb Miller: There is right and wrong. It is just wrong to withhold endorsement of the Republican candidate. Thank you for your support.