Deaver ra2


The Trib editorial board recommends businessman and City Councilman Kyle Deaver for the Waco City Council District 5 post representing northwest Waco based on his background and grasp of a wide range of issues impacting what geographically ranks as the largest of the city’s five council districts.

Deaver, 51, isn’t as vocal as some colleagues, but his comments and inquiries, when they do arise, reflect intricate knowledge of the issues. In his interview with us, he discussed everything from addressing poverty to problems with Lake Shore Drive to legislative power grabs by state lawmakers in Austin. He comes to council and committee meetings well prepared and understands broad issues while appreciating a certain attention to detail.

“Until you get involved in it, it’s really hard to understand how many things the city government touches — from waste to sewer to water to transportation and then economic development,” Deaver told us of what he’s learned in three years. “There’s just a lot to it.”

Appointed to succeed Malcolm Duncan Jr. upon the latter’s election as mayor in 2012, Deaver won his first full term in 2013 without opposition. He drew insights from his time on the Plan Commission and says his experience as a lawyer and businessman “offers a method for framing questions and trying to understand issues that makes it a little easier for me to find a clear path on things.”

Opponent Robert Cervantes, 40, a Rapoport Public Charter School trustee, has one critical issue as his motivation: the potential for racial strife similar to what we see elsewhere. His message is sobering and relevant. We believe he could benefit this city greatly from stints on a city commission or board before council service.