A couple of readers remind us that Mack Brown plays his final game as Texas’ head coach at the Valero Alamo Bowl in San Antonio on Monday. He leaves behind a legacy of 158 wins and a national title (2005) spread over 16 seasons as well as a reputation as a class act in athletics — something fans noted in a billboard in Austin the other day.

Upon Baylor’s decisive 30-10 defeat of Texas in the final game of the regular season in their final matchup in Floyd Casey Stadium, Brown was out on the field, cordially acknowledging the Bears’ Big 12 title win — something very few observers foresaw only a few years ago. “I told every kid I could find congratulations,” he said, “because they sure have deserved it.”

Brown’s career and sportsmanship serve not only as reminders that most of us will have highs and lows spread over our personal and professional lives but that the best of us handle those lows with the sort of grace Brown did that frigid night earlier this month. We wish him the best in the future.