Speaking of good eats, we don’t know how much healthy fare is offered at Dubl-R Burgers in North Waco and Vitek’s BBQ in South Waco, but we’re glad to see the former back in business — and extend our compliments to the busy crew at the latter for distributing more than 1,000 samples of its famous Gut Pak entree at last week’s Fiesta Bowl.

Vitak’s BBQ owner Julie Keith said the trip to Glendale, Ariz., wasn’t necessarily a moneymaking venture, given that they charged nothing for the food they made available. “We saw this as a ‘thank you’ to Baylor fans and students,” she told veteran Trib staff writer Mike Copeland. “I think we generated good will because we received a lot of compliments on social media. That was the rewarding part for us.”

So now folks in the Southwest will think of two more things when Waco is mentioned — the Baylor Bears and this oddball confection of Fritos, cheese, chopped beef, beans, sausage, bread, pickles, onions and jalapenos. Some of you may recall that the Gut Pak even won a Cooking Channel “Best College Eats” poll last year. On game day in Waco, Vitek’s reportedly attracts as many as 3,000 fans.

We’re also glad to see Dubl-R Burgers back in business at 1810 Herring under manager David Maddison (who occasionally passes as a member of the Trib editorial board, given his announcing of the news to diners along with his opinions). A Nov. 15 grease fire resulted in firefighters tearing down a ceiling to ensure the fire hadn’t gotten any further. Taking stock of the damage, owner Perry Weaver decided to do some upgrades, including a new ceiling.

And, no, in light of today’s other editorial on the need for nutrition and exercise by many of us (no matter what part of the city we inhabit), we have to add that it wouldn’t do to make a diet of Dubl-R Burgers or Vitek’s on a daily basis. Then again, how our stomachs would grumble if they weren’t among this town’s rich culinary offerings.