Hearty congratulations to the League of Women Voters of Waco for not only staging an engaging and informative candidates forum Tuesday at Knox Hall but pursuing a more active role in helping voters better acquaint themselves with both candidates and issues. At a time when more and more dubious sources on social media mislead if not outright lie to Americans about politics — and when too many of our so-called “friends” are happy to oblige the enemies of democracy by posting such filth — the nonpartisan league in its newly reinvigorated incarnation seeks to provide deeper insight into those individuals vying for our votes.

Tuesday’s forum was unique. League officials structured it like a speed-dating event in which constituents sat at several tables in the hall. Every 10 minutes, a candidate visited with a table, answered a few perfunctory questions from the table moderator, then took questions from the voters seated there. After 10 minutes, the candidate moved on to the next table and another took his or her place. Two rules: No sparring with candidates (beyond polite follow-up questions) and no hogging questions to the exclusion of others at the table.

The league is definitely onto something here. Voters should look to league events in the future. We’re glad to see it’s back on the political scene. Given all the distractions of late, it’s badly needed.