Everyday readers pondering the Sept. 7 vote by Baylor Alumni Association members on a pact addressing years of bad feelings between the BAA and Baylor University are by now enthralled, amused, outraged or flat tired of the volleys hurled back and forth between the two (or maybe even three) sides in all this. Can we not all agree to take a breather this weekend and focus on a shared passion: the return of Baylor football in its final season in Floyd Casey Stadium?

It’s a time for not only autumnal memories of past gridiron glories and nail-biting athletic contests but gleeful anticipation about the team Baylor Coach Art Briles fields this Saturday. Sure, some of us might have looked a bit baffled at first mention of Wofford College as the team playing the Bears’ season-opening home game, but Briles is right — Wofford is almost certain to test Baylor’s defense right off. Its considerable athletes could be spoilers if Baylor’s not wary.

And if folks need to get into the football frame of mind, they might take part in Baylor’s annual Traditions Rally at 6 p.m. Thursday at Floyd Casey. The program includes a pep rally, a free concert featuring Nashville-based musician Ben Rector and, to conclude, fireworks — presumably longer than the Fourth of July fireworks downtown this summer. The big event begins with Kyle Park performing from 6:15 to 7 p.m.

Some folks might have trouble conjuring any sentimentality for Floyd Casey, especially with a new, state-of-the-art arena fast arising along the Brazos. But if Baylor Stadium is the arena that former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III helped build, it’s worth remembering that Floyd Casey was the setting that helped make Griffin a star.