I grew up a Baylor Bear — literally! As a kid, I can remember my dad taking me to Baylor freshman football games on Thursday nights when I would wear my little Baylor uniform, helmet and all. At the same time, I must admit that my rebellious spirit set in when I was in high school: I was determined to go to any university in America other than Baylor.

After actually enrolling at a state university, the dangedest thing happened. While I had been raised in a wonderful Christian home, what I never had done before was to personally invite Jesus Christ into my heart as Lord and Savior. I made that decision just a couple of days before classes were to begin and to say that everything in my life then changed would be quite an understatement. I suddenly felt the nudge to change gears and make my trek back to Waco and the Baylor campus. I had said on many occasions that “wild horses could not have dragged me to Baylor University.” But it was at that point in my life that I realized the Holy Spirit is stronger than wild horses.

Simply put, Baylor University helped transform my life. It is there where my faith in Christ grew exponentially and was greatly encouraged. It’s where I made friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. And it is there that I received a splendid education that has greatly enhanced my business career.

While the university has seemingly taken a big step backward in many respects in regard to the sexual-assault dilemma and the dismissal of several key individuals, I’m altogether confident that Baylor’s future is as bright as ever. Wonderful things happen on that campus each and every day. Lives continue to be transformed, professors take a genuine interest in students’ future, a phenomenal educational experience is delivered day in and day out and the Waco community continues to benefit dramatically from various student ministries and the influx of youthful enthusiasm only available in a vibrant college town.

Yes, great days are ahead for the Green and Gold. Let’s move forward with gusto.

Wes Bailey is president of Bailey Insurance & Risk Management, a Baylor alumnus and a former member of the Baylor University Board of Regents.