Step right up, folks, and get your tickets to this election year’s blockbuster movie, “October Surprise XIV: Trumped.” Produced by the Fourth Estate. Directed by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Starring nine previously unknown women who suddenly remembered being sexually molested by Donald Trump, one more than 30 years after the alleged incident.

What prompted these ladies’ apparently suppressed memories to suddenly emerge? Some cynical cads might say it was dirty politics — the last, best hope to derail Trump’s train that had been gathering steam. Other cynics might say it was the ladies’ opportunity for their 15 minutes of feminist fame — or 25 years’ worth as in Anita Hill’s case.

Whatever their motives, and whether the claims are true or false, it seems to have worked as intended. Trump’s train has derailed, at least momentarily, and all nine ladies are being interviewed/idolized by the press and TV personalities including CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. AC? It’s galling that a high-profile homosexual would publicly involve himself in scrutinizing another man’s alleged sexual activities! People who live in glass houses . . . . Welcome to the 21st century where everyone who so chooses can live by the almost non-existent new rules of morality and decency.

Here’s the bottom line, you hypocrites: Spare us the phony baloney sanctimony. The sexual indiscretions/assaults alleged against Trump, or any other person in the future, will not be an automatic impediment to attaining the office of the presidency — ever! That mythical bar was officially removed by the U.S. Senate in 1999 when it voted to not remove Bill Clinton from office after impeachment following even more scandalous acts of sexual impropriety.

Those acts involved Clinton’s illicit sexual behavior with a 22-year old intern in the White House while he was president. All 45 Democratic and 10 Republican senators voted against removing him from office. Clinton’s guilt or innocence seemingly did not matter in the end; only that the charges of perjury before a grand jury and obstruction of justice were apparently deemed insufficient to require his removal from office for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Clinton’s illicit sexual behavior itself, in the White House, was not considered of sufficient import to even be included in the charges.

Democrats, news media, feminists and gutless RINOs, console and then stifle yourselves by thinking of the allegations against Trump in terms of the excuses and slurs employed in defending Bill Clinton by his enablers, including Hillary, against allegations by four other women of rape, sexual harassment (exposing himself) and a 12-year extramarital affair: “Bimbo eruptions,” “trailer trash,” “tramps” and “it’s just about sex.”

One thing’s sure. Four years hence, the film will badly need an updated title — say, “October Expectations: Dealing From The Bottom Of The Deck.”

Sammy McLarty of Waco is a retired veterans benefits claims examiner.