As Harvey continues to pummel the Texas Gulf Coast, I’m reminded of something my husband related to me. A few months ago, an acquaintance of my husband said, “Houston is the greatest place on earth to live. Why, if Jesus lived on earth, he’d live in Houston.”

After the last few days, if Jesus plans on putting a “For Sale” sign on his heavenly condo and moving to the Bayou City, I’d say it’s a good thing Jesus can walk on water.

Hang in there, Houston. I grew up not far from the Meyerland area and I have so many family members and friends who live in Houston and the surrounding area. It breaks my heart to know that hundreds of thousands have lost everything they have and will be displaced for months. And, most tragically, some have even lost their lives.

But it does my heart good to see the caring, compassion and selflessness of the people of Texas as they cast aside petty politics and racial divides to help their neighbors in this time of crisis. Many outside Texas have expressed surprise at the spirit of the people and their “can do” attitude. But it’s no surprise to those of us who have ever been blessed to live there. Texans take care of one another.

If the untamed West couldn’t defeat determined Texans, no mere hurricane is up to the task. The road to recovery will obviously be long and arduous, but Houston WILL survive, as will every part of Texas affected by Harvey’s wrath.

Why? Because the pioneer spirit that burned in the hearts of our ancestors is still alive and well today in the state of Texas. It’s alive and well in the first responders who haven’t seen sleep or their families in days. It’s alive and well in the private citizens who have donated their time and their boats and their high trucks to help in the rescue effort, and who have opened up their homes and businesses to offer shelter to those who have been displaced by raging flood waters. It’s alive and well in the thousands of volunteers manning shelters and collecting supplies to feed and clothe evacuees.

The upheaval and chaos in our country is not America. Physically attacking people with different political views is not America. Tweeting wishes for death and destruction upon others because of ideological differences is not America. What’s happening in Texas right now, neighbor helping neighbor, without regard to race, religion or creed, THIS is America. THIS is what gives me hope in a world where hope seems a mite too hard to come by at times.

The Bible doesn’t tell us to agree with one another, it tells us to love one another. And that’s precisely what Texans are doing. May we all learn a lesson from what we are seeing unfold in the Lone Star State.

Linda Carol Trotter, Baylor University Class of 1981, lives in Franklin, Tennessee. She belongs to the Bear Foundation, Linebacker Club and Lady Bears Tip Off Club and gives to various athletic and academic funding campaigns and endowed scholarships. She and her husband serve as leaders for the Nashville Area Baylor Parents Network and host Baylor Summer Send-Off Parties.