You probably read about it. President Trump and the president of Mexico last week got into another fight by phone over this crazy wall upon which Trump built his 2016 presidential campaign. Enrique Peña Nieto was considering an official trip to the White House but Trump refused to publicly acknowledge Mexico’s position that it absolutely will not pay for a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to news reports, the two spoke for nearly an hour with neither budging on the matter. For Mexico, the idea of bowing to Trump’s demand that Mexico fund a border wall would be a colossal blow to national pride. For Trump, such an arrangement would help deliver a promise he made far and wide — that Mexico, not U.S. taxpayers, will pay for any such wall.

Of course, the notion a border wall will solve our immigration problems is political propaganda crafted for simple minds. If I can defeat a 30-foot-high, $25 billion wall in under five minutes for under $150 — and I can — then so can anybody else on either side of the border, especially resourceful drug cartels. All it takes is a 40-foot extension ladder, a coil of rope to let you down on the other side and a pair of leather gloves so you don’t burn your hands using the aforementioned rope.

No, you solve the illegal immigration problem by matching immigration policy with actual facts on the ground. Policy is out of balance with such facts by a factor not far from 100. This has been so for many decades now.

The facts no one wants to hear: jobs that few Americans want because the pay is really crummy and the work is really hard. The workforce willing to do those hard jobs for really crummy pay comes from below the border. I’m talking about cleaning toilets, busing tables, mowing lawns, re-roofing homes and pouring concrete among other pursuits. More Americans might do those jobs if the pay weren’t so awful, but so long as immigrants are illegal, they can be pressed into doing those jobs for crummy pay: Catch 22.

One practical solution involves the guest worker visa program where immigrant workers and their families come over to take those jobs. Between 100,000 and 150,000 such visas are given annually. However, the illegal immigrant population of 10 million to 12 million should tell you what the actual size of this job market is.

It’s no secret these people would starve in Mexico. They come up here to survive. Thus, many will come just to survive, legally or not. The reason they come illegally is that they cannot get a legal visa because the quotas are set factor 100 too low. That said, why would anyone be surprised we have a lot of illegal immigrants? Anybody surprised by this must be of subnormal intelligence or hasn’t paid attention to grim reality — or else has come to believe lying political propaganda put forth about this problem.

This is a problem neither political party will admit to because they get re-elected by putting out misleading propaganda about it. By the way, people are dying in the desert because of that political perfidy. How evil and un-Judeo-Christian is that? There would be no DACA problem if both parties hadn’t let this perfidy go on for decades. If we fix the guest worker program, the DACA problem goes away in a single generation.

My advice: Stop electing evil-doing politicians. Find some who will fix guest worker quotas. Then we will have no need for that 30-foot, $25 billion wall — and no one will have an excuse to go into the 40-foot-tall ladder business.

Gary W. Johnson is a former cutting-edge aerospace defense engineer. He lives in McGregor.