Of anecdotes told during Tuesday evening’s service marking the fifth anniversary of the ammonium nitrate explosion that killed 15 people, injured hundreds more and blew part of West off the map, none proved more telling than that offered by civic leader John Crowder. Three schools in West ISD were lost in the earthshaking blast, he said. Yet when the new week began just days later, local students were pursuing their studies, notwithstanding all the death, destruction and uncertainty then smoldering about them.

Of all the disturbing images of the 51-day FBI siege of the Branch Davidian complex 10 miles east of Waco, few convey the tragedy better than searing photographs of the place in flames amid a tank and tear-gas assault 25 years ago today. For those in the know, these images make people wince, turn away, shake their heads. Such images represent, after all, the awful coming together of dynamics contributing to a colossal loss of life that day (at least 76 people, many of them children, claimed by flames, smoke and gunfire reportedly originating with the Davidians themselves) and even earlier in the spectacularly botched Feb. 28, 1993, raid by federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents (four agents and six Davidians dead). But where to start in any retrospective analysis? Equally important: Do the dynamics of 25 years ago have contemporary parallels that compel us to question what’s happening all around us today? Dare we ask?

No time of year more than spring reveals how picky we McLennan Countians can be on what past local events rate historical and societal reflection. Many folks — especially those past a certain age — are happy to revel in a milestone anniversary of the May 11, 1953, tornado striking Waco. While the tornado left 114 dead and much of our city in ruins, the incident nearly 65 years ago is punctuated by rousing anecdotes of sacrifice, heroism and unity. Themes of rescue, renewal and rebuilding run rampant. And it’s not like anyone “caused” the killer tornado.


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