After a wet start to December, National Weather Service meterologists predict a roller-coaster trend in temperatures throughout the remainder of the week, including the first hard freeze of the season by Friday morning.

Wet weather kicked off Christmas festivities this weekend with light rain showers, cooler temperatures and a total of slightly less than an inch of rain last weekend and into Monday morning, Fort Worth-based National Weather Service meteorologist Daniel Huckabee said.

Winterlike temperatures are expected to spread into Central Texas by the end of the week, with temperatures dipping into the teens by Friday morning.

“There may be some fog and light drizzle overnight and into Tuesday morning, but that should be about all the precipitation we should be getting this week,” he said. “The coldest day so far this month was last Thursday, when temperatures got down to 30 degrees. . . . On Wednesday night, really cold air arrives, and by Thursday morning we will be down in the 30s, maybe even below freezing with a lot of wind.”

The high temperature for Thursday will be in the mid-30s before temperatures dip even more Thursday night into Friday morning.

“We do have a handful of days each winter that get to be that cold, but luckily with this event, we aren’t expecting any wintry precipitation,” Huckabee said.

Friday morning temperatures are projected to be in the lower 20s to upper teens, Huckabee said. The last time Waco experienced such low temperatures was in January 2015.

“From Friday, we will gradually climb into the lower 50s on Saturday and up to the mid-60s by Sunday,” Huckabee said. “We will have a couple of cold days, so it will feel a little bit like Christmas for a few days, but then it will be back to Texas.”

Last weekend, rain showers and cool weather caused the cancellation of Waco’s annual Christmas parade Saturday and a five-hour delay to the start of the second day of Waco Wonderland.

Organizers with the Waco Downtown Farmers Market also canceled Saturday’s market as vendors decided to stay indoors because of the rain.

Another chance of rain is preliminarily forecasted for Saturday, with a 20 percent chance of showers Saturday night.

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