A group walks through Baylor University as light sleet and rain fall Wednesday morning. Temperatures remained in the 40s throughout the day.

Staff photo — Rod Aydelotte

After two days of highs in the 70s, temperatures plummeted overnight Wednesday and brought light sleet and rain in the morning and chilly weather throughout the day, with another cold front expected to push into Waco on Thursday, National Weather Service meteorologist Bianca Villanueva said.

Residents woke up to a mix of sleet and rain and temperatures in the low 40s Wednesday morning, remaining in the 40s throughout the day, Villanueva said. Temperatures are expected to remain low Thursday, with a high in the upper 40s and a low that could dip into the 20s Thursday night, but rainy skies are forecast to clear Thursday morning.

“High temperatures on average for the Waco area are around the 60 degree mark for December, so we are below normal right now,” Villanueva said. “We got a very strong cold front and then we had a surge of moisture, and that is what is causing the winter weather.”

The light sleet early Wednesday did not stay frozen on the ground thanks to temperatures well above freezing. Morning precipitation totaled less than a quarter inch.

After a cold but dry Thursday, a warmup is expected for the weekend, though nights will stay cooler, Villanueva said.

“We will drop into the mid to upper 20s for Thursday night, but by the weekend, temperatures should gradually warm up by Sunday to about 65 degrees for a high,” she said. “Our lows will be in the mid 30s for the next few days after Thursday. We are anticipating clear skies overnight, so that will allow temperatures to cool even further.”

Despite the brief weekend warmup, another cold front is projected to move into the region Monday night or Tuesday, Villanueva said.

“It’s not a big cold front that we experienced this week, but we will stay in the low 60s for the high,” she said. “We are starting to see these cold fronts move in and we will continue to get colder as we move into the winter season.”

Kristin Hoppa has been covering public safety and breaking news for the Tribune-Herald since January 2016. She worked in Northwest Missouri covering crime-related issues before her move to Central Texas. She is a University of Kansas graduate.

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