A van equipped with laser scanners, vibration monitors and high resolution cameras is rolling through the streets of Waco, collecting data points for an analysis of what pavement needs to be repaired.

Staff photo— Jerry Larson

The Waco City Council on Tuesday is set to approve a $4.7 million contract to repave several miles of streets as part of a promised effort to catch up on street maintenance.

APAC-Texas of Cedar Park was the low bidder for the project, beating out Big Creek Construction of Hewitt, which put in a $4.9 million bid.

The work involves the complete reconstruction of Jewell Drive in the Texas Central Industrial Park, plus the resurfacing of 10 other road segments with an additional 2 inches of asphalt.

City engineering staff selected the streets through a road condition inventory that has been in place for years but refined the list using a new high-tech inventory system.

Since last fall, Fugro Roadware has used laser scanners and vibration monitors to collect data on about 600 miles of streets and determined which streets need immediate attention to keep from getting worse.

The data haven’t yet been compiled into a roadwork master plan, but city engineering director Octavio Garza said staff was able to use the collected data to help shape the list of streets proposed for work in 2016.

“We confirmed that, yes, these are streets that need to be done really quickly because they’re about to go to the next level of disrepair,” he said.

Those street segments include:

• J.J. Flewellen Road from Faulkner Lane to Herring Avenue.

• Cameron Park Road from Jacobs Ladder to Herring Avenue.

• University Parks Drive from Herring Avenue to Franklin Avenue.

• Franklin Avenue from 17th Street to 38th Street.

• 17th Street from Webster Avenue to Baylor Avenue.

• 41st Street from Hillcrest Drive to Cobbs Drive.

• Bagby Avenue from Kendrick Road to New Road.

• Lake Air Drive from Franklin Avenue to Cobbs Drive.

• Fishpond Road from Ridgewood Drive to Old Fish Pond Road.

• Texas Central Parkway from Highway 84 to Imperial Drive.

Garza said he hopes the council will consider another slate of major road repair projects in the next budget year, but he won’t be ready to recommend that slate until midsummer.

“We have a ton of data and we still have to go through the calibration process,” he said.

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