A man accused of shooting a Lacy Lakeview police officer earlier this month faces new charges.

Keith McAdams, 21, was originally arrested for aggravated assault on a public servant after a Nov. 8 incident where he opened fire on Lacy Lakeview police when officers went to his home after receiving a report that a man inside was upset and possibly armed with a gun.

Officer Roy Wood was shot in the back of his upper arm, with the bullet exiting through his shoulder, as he was standing with his back to a wall adjacent to the home’s garage.

McAdams now faces two additional charge stemming from the incident. One of them is a third-degree felony deadly conduct charge, which is based on the fact that he allegedly fired three shots from a handgun through the home’s closed garage door. An affidavit filed to support the charge says the shots posed a threat to multiple officers at the scene, as well as neighbors.

The second charge is the result of a search officers made at the home, 104 Bobcat Dr., after McAdams surrendered. They found a clear plastic bag with crystal residue in a shoe in McAdams’ bedroom, along with a glass pipe with white residue in another part of the bedroom. Officers believe the residue in both items was methamphetamine and charged him with possession of a controlled substance, an affidavit filed in the case says.

Lacy Lakeview City Manager Keith Bond said it is not known whether McAdams ingested any of the suspected methamphetamine prior to the incident. He is being held in the McLennan County Jail on bonds totaling $154,000. He is also being held on an evading arrest and detention charge for which he is not eligible for bond, a jail spokesman said.

Wood, the injured office, has returned to duty, city manager Keith Bond said.

“I’m pretty sure he fought the doctor pretty hard for that,” Bond said. “The next day, he was wanting to come back.”