Humane Society director Gina Ford fired after sending email

Humane Society of Central Texas interim director Gina Ford was fired from her post Monday.

The director of the Humane Society of Central Texas was fired after sending a strongly worded email terminating a shelter volunteer.

Gina Ford said today she was terminated by the Humane Society's board in a special meeting Monday afternoon.

Ford said she fired volunteer Gail Forrest on Friday for making disparaging comments about the Humane Society and its policies on her Facebook account, which Ford said violates the volunteer handbook.

In an email, Ford told Forrest she had "pissed me off for the last time," and alleged that Forrest talked negatively about staff members and took animals from the shelter.

Forrest posted the email to her Facebook account over the weekend.

Ford said she copied three staff members on the email, but none of them replied or said anything to her about the content.

She said while she believed she warranted some type of disciplinary action for the tone of the letter, Ford does not believe she should have been fired.

Humane Society of Central Texas board president Christy Acosta did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment this morning.

Ford was appointed interim director of the Humane Society in July 2011 after former executive director Karen Froehlich resigned to take on a position with PetSmart Charities.

Ford said she did not know if the board had appointed a replacement to head the organization.



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