Robinson City Council on Monday ended its contract with City Manager Robert Cervenka.

After almost two hours in executive session during a specially called meeting, the council unanimously voted to approve a mutual agreement to terminate Cervenka’s contract. The council made the decision with no further comment.

Cervenka, hired in 2009, has more than 35 years of experience in city government.

Councilman Doye Baker said after the meeting that Cervenka will remain on staff until Feb. 29.

There were only two items listed for the executive session: pending litigation and Cervenka’s employment. Executive sessions are not open to the public.

Baker said the agreement was something the council created to “work our problems out.”

Baker said he hopes a new city manager can lead city employees toward the future and move the city in a direction of growth. He said he also hopes the city attracts someone who can help bring good publicity to Robinson.

“We want people to say, ‘We want to live in Robinson,’ ” he said after the meeting.

Baker said all cities have ups and downs, and said he hopes Robinson can progress with a new city manager. It was not clear how soon a new city manager will be named.

Cervenka was not able to be reached after the meeting. His contract has been listed for executive session discussion for the past several regularly scheduled meetings.

Mayor Bert Echterling declined comment after the meeting. He would not say when Cervenka’s last employee review was conducted.

Councilman Jeremy Stivener also declined comment.

Baker has repeatedly placed some of the blame on Cervenka for issues within the city and for problems between the city and himself. Baker has previously threatened lawsuits against the city over his property line and waste disposal.

Baker, who began his first term on city council in January 2015, had an attorney in January mail a letter to city leaders claiming the city damaged his property value by disposing of waste on an adjacent lot, according to documents obtained through an open records request.

The city received the letter less than two weeks after the council agreed to send Baker a letter asking the councilman to remove obstacles he had put in place blocking Shamrock Drive.

The decision by the council Monday comes after Robinson residents in November opted for a large-scale change in leadership when they ousted three long-term veterans, including former Mayor Bryan Ferguson, who led the city as mayor since 1999 and served on the council since 1996.

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