Two students have been temporarily suspended from Robinson Independent School District buses after allegedly injuring another student on the ride home from school Feb. 1, district officials said.

A sixth-grade student was lying down asleep on a bus seat when a student in front of him pulled at his leg to wake him up, followed by a second student behind him dropping a backpack on him, said David Wrzesinski, Robinson Junior High School Principal.

Witnesses said the student was not pulled from the seat, Wrzesinski said, but the district decided to suspend transportation privileges for the two students anyway because the behavior wasn’t appropriate for riding the bus.

“The situation wasn’t an act of bullying. It wasn’t an act of aggression, necessarily,” he said.

Robinson’s student code of conduct states that disciplinary measures are decided by administration and can include suspension or complete expulsion from using the bus.

The Robinson ISD Police Department is also currently investigating the situation, Wrzesinski said.

But it’s not enough for Robinson ISD parent Priscilla Shotwell.

Shotwell said her son was pulled off the seat, which caused him to hit his head and strain his arm as he caught himself. Her son suffered a seizure later that evening and spent the next day in the hospital, Shotwell said.

Shotwell said her son has a condition where he’s suffered intermittent seizures since he was a toddler, but hadn’t had a seizure in a year before Monday.

“He had a seizure because of this,” she said.

Shotwell said she doesn’t believe the incidents were malicious, but that the students don’t realize the severity of her son’s suffering because of this situation.

Shotwell said she asked for a meeting with the parents of the other students, but the district denied her request.

She has since taken her son off the bus, which forces her to rearrange her work schedule, because she’s afraid other students will retaliate against him.

Shotwell said she plans to visit the school board to demand more supervision on the buses.

“I’ve had two other incidents with this school,” she said. “I’m tired of it being pushed under the carpet.”

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