A mother of four who has relinquished or lost custody of all her children was sentenced to four years in prison Wednesday for scalding injuries to her son in 2013.

Lindsey Lyday, 24, pleaded guilty to injury to a child, a third-degree felony, for the injuries suffered by her 13-month old son at her apartment on Calumet Street.

Lyday’s plea agreement comes after 54th State District Judge Matt Johnson rejected an earlier plea offer from the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office that called for Lyday to be placed on deferred probation.

Lyday acknowledged failing to seek proper medical treatment for her son, who suffered second-degree burns over 60 percent of his lower body, including his legs and genitals.

Records filed in the case show that a couple in Pennsylvania who thought they had adopted Lyday’s son noticed the burns on the boy and alerted police. Doctors who examined the boy say the burns are “specific for inflicted injury,” according to court records.

Lyday claimed the boy’s burns were an accident and said she was bathing him and turned on the faucet. She said the shower head came on with scalding water, injuring the boy.

“The defendant’s story did not match the victim’s injuries,” an arrest affidavit states.

Lyday voluntarily relinquished her parental rights to her first two children and tried to sell the burn victim at the local Family Abuse Shelter, court records show. Later, a Pennsylvania couple thought they had adopted the child. However, the child’s biological father intervened and said he had not given his permission for the child’s adoption.

The child is now living with him.

Lyday has since had a fourth child, who is living with her father after intervention by Child Protective Services workers.

Waco attorney Melanie Walker, who represents Lyday, said “It’s just a sad situation for everybody involved.”

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