A former Waco Police Department records department supervisor sexually abused a family member over a three-year period beginning when the girl was 10, the girl reluctantly testified Tuesday.

Saying she did not want to testify, the girl, now 17, forced prosecutor Gabrielle Massey to coax incriminating testimony from her that she answered mostly in almost inaudible one-word responses after long pauses. Through a steady stream of tears, the girl told jurors Jose Isreal Ramos regularly sexually assaulted her from 2010 to 2013.

Ramos, 42, a former records supervisor at the Waco Police Department, works now for a diaper-manufacturing plant. He is charged in Waco’s 54th State District Court with continuous sexual abuse of a child and six counts of indecency with a child by contact.

Massey and prosecutor Christi Hunting Horse rested their case against Ramos Tuesday evening. Defense attorneys Melanie Walker and Jessi Freud will present defense witnesses when the trial resumes Wednesday morning.

The hesitant girl’s testimony was so laborious that Massey eventually asked her if what she told her grandmother and Dr. Ann Sims of the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children was true. The girl said it was true.

However, the girl also acknowledged that she lied to a Child Protective Services worker about whether her mother assaulted her and that she and friends from school were caught in a scheme to spread a damaging story that also was not true about a teacher they disliked.

Walker also suggested through her cross-examination of witnesses that the girl had gotten into trouble at school and fabricated the abuse as a way to deflect the problems she was having at school.

The girl’s grandmother testified that the girl revealed to her in 2013 when the girl was 13 that Ramos had been sexually abusing her for the past three years.

She said the girl’s mother sensed that something was wrong with her daughter and asked the grandmother to speak to her. She said the girl told her that Ramos was “hurting me.” When she asked her to explain, the girl said “he is having sex with me.”

“She told me that he said if she wanted him to stop, he would, but he didn’t,” the grandmother said.

The girl told her grandmother that Ramos forced her to perform oral sex on him one night after he pulled into the parking lot at the Baylor University track and field facility. Ramos also told the girl that they would have to be careful so she wouldn’t get pregnant now that she was getting older, the grandmother told jurors.

Ramos also watched adult movies with the girl and made her perform the sex acts they saw on film, she said.

Sims, who examined the girl after the allegations surfaced, told jurors the girl said she was afraid of Ramos and that he sexually assaulted her more than 30 times. Sims said the girl started cutting herself as a way to deal with the abuse but was not suicidal.

She said the girl told her that Ramos promised to buy her a phone and gave her money to entice her to not report the abuse and to allow it to continue.

“She said he told her, ‘I’m trusting you not to tell nobody. This will help me from getting cancer down there,’ ” Sims said, quoting what Ramos reportedly told the girl while forcing her to perform sex acts.

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