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Gathered with the Skills Development Fund grant check are (from left) Loree Scott, senior executive director of workforce training at TSTC; Steven Dobos, president of Butler Weldments; Julian Alvarez, Texas Workforce commissioner representing labor; Kyle Butler, plant operations manager at Temple Bottling Company; Karen Martinka, human resources manager at Reynolds Consumer Products; and Dennis McDonaugh, director of workforce education at Temple College.

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Texas State Technical College has partnered with an industrial consortium including Butler Weldments Corp., Reynolds Consumer Products LLC and Temple Bottling Co. to train 130 new and incumbent workers using a $293,211 Skills Development Fund grant.

Julian Alvarez, the Texas Workforce commissioner representing labor, presented the check to officials from TSTC, Butler Weldments, Reynolds Consumer Products and Temple Bottling Co. recently.

Steven Dobos, president of Butler Weldments, said the company is excited to get more training for employees.

“It’s a win-win for everybody involved,” Dobos said. “Skilled labor has been very difficult to find lately. What better way to bring about a solution for us than customized in-house training for our employees. It’s a phenomenal thing to do.”

Rick Villa, plant manager of Reynolds Consumer Products, said they’ve tried several other training programs, but they didn’t work for the company.

“This is the first program that we’ve really been able to lock our teeth into,” Villa said. “We’re training our operators to become mechanics, our mechanics to become electricians, and taking our electrical skills up in the plant. You need to bring those skills along if you want to be successful.”

Alvarez said the training provided is necessary with changing technology.

“Each person that spoke today mentioned that skills have changed,” Alvarez said. “The face of manufacturing has changed. We’re talking about technology and terminology that didn’t exist before. It’s changed. Times have changed and the folks on the receiving end of this grant know that the change is coming. And so, the fact that they’re talking about keeping up their skills and keeping up with today’s technology says a lot.”

The Skills Development Fund is one of the state’s premier job-training programs, Alvarez said. He said the grant would have an overall impact of $4 million.

Workers trained will include 35 new hires, and 95 jobs will be upgraded. For more information on TSTC’s workforce training, visit tstc.edu.

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