Twelve Midway Middle School students were recognized for their performance in the Duke Talent Identification Program. Duke TIP works with students, their families, and educators to identify and recognize exceptional seventh-graders based on STAAR test scores achieved in sixth grade.

Candidates are then invited to take the ACT or the SAT college entrance exams as seventh-graders. These students who qualified for state recognition have earned the award by scoring at or above the national average of recent high school graduates on at least one part of the ACT or the SAT. These students are invited to a special recognition ceremony held at Texas A&M University in May.

The students are Calvin Atkinson, Wilson Burnett, Emily Dodson, Jacob Gochis, Emma Horn, Bethany Johnson, Andrew Kanz, Max Madison, Phoebe Park, Jessica Sain, William Stamey and Callan Tawater.

Emma Horn also scored high enough for grand recognition. She scored at or better than 90 percent of recent high school graduates who tested on at least one part of the ACT or the SAT. Emma will attend a special recognition ceremony at Duke University. Only about 3 percent of all participants in the talent search qualify for the grand honor.


State recognition winners are Emma Horn (standing at top; she also received grand recognition), William Stamey (seated, from left), Andrew Kanz, Jacob Gochis, Max Madison, Emily Dodson, Jessica Sain, Phoebe Park, Bethany Johnson, Calvin Atkinson, Callan Tawater and Wilson Burnett.

Midway ISD photos

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