Class acts

Midway High will advance 43 students to the Business Professionals of America State Leadership Conference and its competitions March 1-3 in Corpus Christi.

The following students were either state qualifiers or first alternate to state (marked by sa) after the regional contest:

Abdullah Admad, JAVA programming, 5th, (sa); Jacob Allen, administrative support team, 1st; Colton Barden, video production team, 1st; Maria Barragan, business law, 2nd; Dylan Biggio, PC servicing and troubleshooting, 4th; Lucas Carlson, human resource management, 3rd (sa); Bailey Chiles, presentation management, 1st; Katelyn Crunk, payroll accounting, 4th; Landen Daniels, personal financial management, 5th (sa); Chris Fisher, interview skills, 1st; Carter Forrest, video production team, 1st; Isabel Glasson, global marketing team, 2nd; Krista Gore, video production team, 2nd, advance office systems, 1st; Carter Gray, graphic design, 3rd (sa); Peyton Hacker, broadcast news team, 1st; Alex Hoffman, video production team, 1st; Joey Hogins, video production team, 1st; Lannah Johnson, presentation management team, 1st; Mark Huynh, payroll accounting, 1st; Edwin Johnson, advanced accounting, 2nd; Njeri Kanyongo, presentation management team, 1st; Danielle Khoury, personal financial management, 2nd; Garrett Lackey, JAVA programming, 3rd; Kylie Lauderdale, banking and finance, 2nd; Abby Loden, broadcast news team, 1st; Leslie Lopez, video production team, 2nd; digital publishing, 2nd; Kiara Lozano, advanced interview skills, 1st; Max Madison, fundamental accounting, 3rd; Taylor Mason, graphic design, 1st; Meagan Mize, broadcast news team, 1st; Craig Morgan, administrative support team, 1st; Taylor Neimer, administrative support team, 2nd; integrated office, 2nd; Bethany Neubert, administrative support team, 2nd; database, 2nd; Ethan Parkhill, intermediate word processing, 2nd; Avi Patel, administrative support team, 2nd; medical office, 1st; Kayli Patterson, administrative support team, 1st; M’Lynn Phillips, global marketing team, 1st; Audrey Pick, global marketing team, 2nd, prepared speech, 5th (sa); Kyle Plaskett, banking and finance, 5th (sa); Morgan Powers, global marketing team, 2nd; Hareni Ravikumar, basic office systems, 2nd; Sarah Romer, fundamental desktop, 1st; Shannon Sepanski, administrative support team, 2nd; Aleena Stephens, global marketing team, 1st; Dalton Swaim, PC servicing, 5th (sa); Courtney Toscano, presentation management team, 1st, graphic design, 2nd; Vivian Trinh, presentation management team, 1st; Yanessa Vea, computer security, 3rd; Haley Worley, administrative support team, 1st.

Sponsors are Kristi Cooper, Susan Jones, Jennifer Kolb, Tanya Lacy, Dana Null, Jessica Pettyjohn, Scott Peden, Jami Ragsdale, B.J. Williams and Jordan Williams.

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