The Zimmerman Law Firm partnered with Safe2Save to educate students and families about the dangers of distracted driving. Safe2Save is a free mobile app that allows students to earn points for not texting and driving. The points can be redeemed at local businesses for free and discounted items like food, drinks, retail, beauty, health and home services.

The Zimmerman Law Firm and Safe2Save sponsored a 30-day competition between Waco High School and University High School to promote safe driving. The competition allowed students, parents and school staff to compete for monetary prizes.

For each school, the student winner received $1,000, the parent winner received $500 and the teacher or staff winner received $200. Students and parents also qualified for weekly $50 participation prizes.

Additionally, the school that accumulated the most points received $1,000 and second place received $500.

The Zimmerman Law Firm awarded $5,400 in prizes for the competition. More than 500 people participated in the competition, accumulating 400,000 points, equaling 200,000 minutes of drive time.

University High School was the winning school. Individual University High winners were: Isabela Lozano, student; Dalila Cortez, teacher; and Adriana Rodriguez, parent.

For Waco High, winners were: Montana Taylor, student; Sara Hudson and Scott Taylor, teachers; and Jose Ugarte, parent.

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