A new studio is opening in Hewitt that will offer space and professional equipment to create videos or podcasts.

Dustin Weins has launched iRadioWaco studios, where a team of engineers can help an individual, group or business have their own podcast. A fee of $40 an hour will allow access to the studio to create content that will be hosted on the iRadioWaco site and on individuals’ YouTube channels.

The studio off Alliance Parkway has the equipment needed for call-in shows, which could also be streamed live on Facebook or another platform, allowing for continued user interaction, said Weins, who has lived in Waco since he was 3.

Besides Weins, there are three producers on hand to ensure someone is available to help customers with their shows, whether it’s daily or just a one-off.

Weins said he is always looking for a creative outlet, and this was a service not offered in the Waco area. After driving to Dallas for podcasts in similar studios, he thought the idea would flourish in Greater Waco. The studio also offers smaller businesses a more cost-effective way to advertise their company, whether it’s through their own hourlong program or by sponsoring a show, he said.

IRadioWaco has a few programs lined up, including one devoted to comedy and another to sports, Weins said.

Weins, who works full time for the nonprofit Boy Scouts of America, said Friday he planned on having some recording done over the weekend. All the finished podcasts will also be uploaded to popular podcast directories.

Stand-up comedian Michael McBrine will have his own show.

McBrine, who performs at Truelove Bar in downtown Waco twice a month, said one of the important aspects of the site will be establishing a brand, which is largely done through consistency. He said success of iRadioWaco will hinge on a daily presence on the site, so he plans to do a show Monday through Friday.

“I have so much to say, so little time to say it,” he said.

McBrine said after he puts his children to bed, he’ll go to the studio to record an episode and have it go live the following morning. From personal stories to current events, he plans to cover a variety of topics.

But the key is never taking him too seriously, he said.

“I was and still am a huge Howard Stern fan,” McBrine said. “He’s the Michael Jordan of morning radio, and all I can do is hope one day to be half as good. Then again, he has a team of writers. That’s going to be the biggest problem anyone has, is taking me too seriously.”

Weins, who also does stand-up comedy, will have his own show in the studio, “Not Suitable for Waco.”

The idea is to examine a person, place or thing that’s too good for Waco, Weins said. For instance, the world-renowned Balcones Distilling is so amazing it’s hard to believe it exists or has stayed in Waco, he said.

He said he hopes to eventually get to 20 shows a month. Weins said he expects most people to want to record shows in the evenings and on weekends.

Programs of all natures are welcome, though nothing too explicit, Weins said. He hopes to attract programs from a wide variety of topics, including religious, politics, local news or even topics far more specific, he said.

Cassie L. Smith has covered county government for the Tribune-Herald since June 2014. She previously worked as a reporter for the Beaumont Enterprise and The Eagle in Bryan-College Station. Smith graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington.