Four survivors of Monday’s fire at Mount Carmel remained hospitalized Monday night.

The fire left nine known survivors, including an unidentified woman who was in a coma Monday, according to the FBI.

A man and two women, all seriously burned, were taken by helicopter to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Another woman was taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco.

Those hospitalized include:

  • A man believed to be Clive Joseph Doyle, 52, who remains in serious condition in Parkland Memorial’s intensive care unit.
  • An unidentified woman who remains on a respirator and in critical condition in Parkland Memorial’s intensive care unit with burns over 50 percent of her body.
  • An unidentified woman also on a respirator and in critical condition at Parkland Memorial with burns over 25 percent of her body.
  • A woman believed to be Ruth Riddle, also known as Ruth Ottman, 29, who is in stable condition at Hillcrest Baptist Hospital with a broken ankle and burns over less than 4 percent of her body.

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