National and international media converge on Waco to cover Mount Carmel siege.

As many as 400 media representatives from as far away as South Africa and Australia have come to Waco, in addition to another 400-500 law enforcement officers, according to the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce. The chamber and volunteers with the Salvation Army have kept a loose count.

States and countries blacked in have sent media to Waco. This is not a complete listing.

• Canada

• Mexico

• England

• France

• Germany

• South Africa

• Australia

• Wash.

• Calif.

• Idaho

• Utah

• Colo.

• N.M.

• Kan.

• Okla.

• Texas

• Mo.

• Ark.

• La.

• Ill.

• Minn.

• Mich.

• Tenn.

• Ga.

• Fla.

• Va.

• Washington, D.C.

• Pa.

• N.Y.

• Mass.

• Hawaii

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