Law and order

As attempts abound to discredit the handling of the Davidian standoff, we need to redouble our efforts to pay tribute to FBI Director William Sessions and to all the law enforcement agents who had the willingness and courage to bring an end to the madness in the compound that was making a mockery of God, marriage and the rights of innocent children.

The very soul of America seems under attack. Bleeding hearts in the media fawn over those who seek to liberalize every facet of our culture, while branding as moral extremists those who espouse traditional values. Time-honored values are being eroded at a terrifying pace.

As we continually witness the rights of victims being subordinated to those of the criminals, it’s all the more essential that we stand up and be counted on the side of law and order and support every branch of our law enforcement.

Let Waco Show the world that we will not tolerate the likes of David Koresh and that we are united in preserving every vestige of a decent society.

Drane Haw


Crocodile tears

Dick DeGuerin should receive an award for best supporting actor for his performance on “Prime Time Live.”

DeGuerin, who is supposed to be reasonably intelligent person, spent only 30 hours talking with Vernon Howell (aka David Koresh). Yet, Howell was able to accomplish in three or so visits with DeGuerin what it took him months and even years to do with others.

It was touching to see DeGuerin shed his crocodile tears on national television. I strongly suspect that his tears were not for the little children, but for the hundreds and thousands, possibly millions of dollars in attorney’s fees he saw go up in smoke on that tragic morning.

The only difference in Howell, McDuff, Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson is that Howell used the Bible to justify the rape of women and underage girls, the theft of their belongings and finally their murder.

Ramona Jones



My congratulations to the Tribune-Herald for your part as a catalyst in making martyrs of 85 to 95 adults and children, to the ATF for conducting an outstanding raid and once again proving that might is right, to the federal government for showing that, indeed, “Big Brother” is alive and well in 1993, to all those who mind their own business and allow others to do the same, to our attorney general for making a circus out of a tragedy, and to all of the area locals who so adamantly supported all of the aforementioned.

My special thanks to all parties for protecting us from those deranged lunatics who were so paranoid as to think they might be persecuted for having different beliefs than most of us.

What would we all do if we didn’t live by the Golden Rule?

Patrick Smythe


Wasting time

Waco needs a new compound. It’d make a fine place to gather up and put talk-show hosts, irresponsible media folks, and bleeding-heart lawyers.

It also would be a fine place to latch up some members of Congress who are wasting time and money with hearings before the authorities are even through digging out the bodies.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to wait until the investigation of this whole deal is over before starting this self-serving process? They are going to learn nothing yet.

Marc Johnson

Cranfills Gap

Following Satan

Vernon Howell was one of many in Satan’s army. He corrupted the people in the compound and that in turn caused their death.

The people in the compound were not following Christ, they were following Satan. The Bible tells us that Satan is the father of lies and he comes to steal, kill and destroy. Christ comes to save and give eternal life.

We as a community need to stand behind our law enforcement. We should pray that God will give them strength to overcome the tragedy of Mount Carmel and the strength to complete the task at hand.

The fire marshal needs to put a gag in Dick DeGuerin’s mouth.

Linda Lee


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