Much thanks

On behalf of the volunteers and paid staff of the American Red Cross Blood Services, Southwest Region, we want to extend our thanks to the people of Waco and nearby communities for donating both their volunteer time and blood following the Mount Carmel tragedy.

Because of such compassionate response, the blood center was able to meet all the blood needs of those who were injured.

A total of 387 units were collected. What a great response. The efforts of all donors and volunteers involved is greatly appreciated.

Of course, there is always a need for blood. Patients in our hospitals are using it 24 hours a day. Donors are eligible every 56 days, and the staff looks forward to seeing many of you again soon.

Dave Guyer

American Red Cross


Weapons clams

I have not been able to find a scriptural justification supporting the claim of 50 caliber machine guns, (with tripod mount). AK-47s, AR-15s and M-16s, hand grenades, and various and sundry other explosive materials and devices qualify as the “whole armor of God” Paul spoke of in the 6th Chapter of Ephesians.

Mary Duty



Some say we should bombard the compound.

Some say we should send lawyers in.

Why not fill the compound with lawyers and then let the shelling begin?

John R. Stoutimore

Beverly Hills

Warning Signs

Current events may suggest that it is time for signs to go up in front of places of religion saying: “Warning: The surgeon general has determined that attendance may be hazardous to your health.”

That would give folks some idea that they can avoid everything from convention fights to poison Kool Aid or gunfights.

Bob Murphy


Media ghouls

I am totally disgusted with the media. In my opinion, they are a bunch of totally irresponsible ghouls who feed upon events.

When they do not get their way, they act like spoiled brats. Personally, I believe that four Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents are dead because the media tipped off the criminals at Mount Carmel by showing up in advance of the federal agents.

This whole costly affair would have ended many days ago if the media would fold up their dog-and-pony show and stop feeding the ego of David Koresh.

I realize they will hide behind the First Amendment, but should they not be responsible for their actions when it causes problems and deaths, or are they above the law?

R.L. Nagel


Taking sides

Rowland Nethaway [in his March 10 column] can’t understand why most people have taken the side of the Branch Davidians in their conflict with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

“No one called to take the side of the federal agents,” wrote Nethaway.

Surely Nethaway understands that very few are “on the side” of the Branch Davidians, instead people are showing a healthy distrust of the federal government.

Our country was founded by people who distrusted government. The only thing that stands between American citizens and a dictatorial government is the Constitution.

Lisa Gomez


Read the Tribune-Herald's 7-part investigative series on the inner workings of the Branch Davidians. Hours after Part 2 appeared in print, the ATF raided the group's compound.

Read the Tribune-Herald’s account of the ATF raid on the Branch Davidian compound on Feb. 28, 1993. Four ATF agents and six in the compound were killed in the gunfight.

Read the daily news accounts of the 51-day siege at the Branch Davidian compound near Elk, which began Feb. 28 and lasted until April.

April 19 and beyond: FBI agents began inserting canisters of tear gas into the Branch Davidian compound in the early morning hours. By noon, it was on fire.

Federal officials left the compound site in late May 1993. As identifications of bodies continued, questions about the survivors, the compound and the cult itself began to emerge.

As the world began to take a critical look back at the events and legal proceedings continue, the ATF's bombshell report forces a shakeup at the top after the raid gone "tragically wrong."

In 1994, the surviving Davidians went on trial in San Antonio. Over six weeks, more than 140 witnesses testified, with the verdict coming just two days prior to the anniversary of the ATF raid.

The Rodenville shootout and the 1988 trial, the end of the world in 1959 and more stories from deep in the Trib archives.