Register media

In a free society the citizens depend on the news media to keep them well informed on all subjects that affect society regardless of the subject matter. The events in Waco have become so distorted and slanted that it appears the ATF and the media staged the whole event to draw attention to themselves and create misinformation so as to confuse the public to what’s really happening.

Your emotional editorials calling for the registration of firearms should be preceded by the registration of all so-called journalists making it a federal crime to print an untruth, distort or slant the facts while reporting the events of the day.

And while we are on this registration kick, let’s start with printing presses, personal computers, copy machines, etc., for they might be used by someone to create misinformation. Let’s not forget pencils and paper.

Praise the Lord, pass the plate and keep your powder dry.

Billy W. Bason


Did right

You did exactly right — don’t you let anyone tell you you hold any form of responsibility. That’s what newspapers are for.

I wish you were in our area. I used to live in Waco and found it to be great.

You keep up the good work (might also teach those officials to use tear gas, cut off services, etc.).

Velma L. Dayton

Pflugerville, Texas

True friends

I feel very much loved, appreciated and recognized. Recently I heard a radio commercial stating in essence that “if you have one true friend consider yourself fortunate.” I have ALS, or better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Feb. 28, north of Waco, a benefit was held at Geneva Hall to help pay for my medical bills.

That same Sunday the fiasco at Mount Carmel erupted east of Waco. Meanwhile back at the benefit over 600 dinners were served and over 300 items were donated for the auction. I was shocked. I was stunned. Feeling very humbled I did not know so many cared. Such generosity still overwhelms me.

To list every person who helped would fill this entire page. Some key players I will mention include Tommy Witherspoon and the Tribune-Herald, Jack and Tina Church at KWTX-TV and radio, Terry and Veletha Ermoian, my friends at Lakewood Christian Church, Jayco Catering, Jerrel Bolton Chevrolet, John McClaren Chevrolet, and the people of Waco and West. Hats off to Mickey Priddy and his band — Texas Country.

Lou Gehrig upon his retirement from baseball because of ALS said he was the luckiest man in the world. I feel the same way. I am so fortunate and grateful to have so many true friends.

I am proud that Waco is known by its Christian love as shown by my benefit.

Fred Dunham



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April 19 and beyond: FBI agents began inserting canisters of tear gas into the Branch Davidian compound in the early morning hours. By noon, it was on fire.

Federal officials left the compound site in late May 1993. As identifications of bodies continued, questions about the survivors, the compound and the cult itself began to emerge.

As the world began to take a critical look back at the events and legal proceedings continue, the ATF's bombshell report forces a shakeup at the top after the raid gone "tragically wrong."

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