Words of fools

Until you’ve stood in the shoes of the person in question, you really have nothing to say. Oh, it’s easy to look back now and say what the ATF or the FBI officials should have done at Mount Carmel.

For example, you can say that ATF agents should have contacted the sheriff for assistance and that only a handful of agents should have entered the complex with sheriff deputies to serve the warrants.

But you are assuming that Vernon Howell would have been friendly to the local authorities and that he would have allowed them in.

Our local officers are not as well trained or prepared as ATF agents, and there probably would have been no retreat. When word of dead and wounded officers began flooding across the county, there would have been a massive response by local authorities who would have no idea of the heavy fire-power they would be met with as they raced to try to save the lives of their fellow officers. This would surely have ended in a tragic blood bath that would have forever altered the lives of the people of Waco and McLennan County.

Condemning the men who put their lives on the line to protect us and our country from a well-armed murderer, child abuser, sexual pervert and liar such as Vernon Howell is nothing more than the wasted words of fools.

Joe Neal


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