Strike a blow

The bad news is, the nuts are still holed up east of Waco. The good news is that all Americans and most of the civilized world know where Waco is and how to pronounce our name. Too bad that all the notoriety has a bad connotation.

Why not take advantage of all that priceless publicity to help change the bad image we have acquired, while at the same time striking a big blow for sanity where cults are concerned?

There will be thousands of tourists, driven by curiosity, flocking to Waco as soon as the siege ends. Set up a non-profit foundation, a world center for the study and prevention of violent cults. Fund the center by charging for tours of the compound.

The cult is delinquent in taxes. The county can foreclose on the property and turn it over to the foundation. The first profits from tourism should be used to provide scholarships for children of ATF agents killed at the compound.

The world now knows our name is not WAH-co or Wack-o; let it know now that way-co means the end of violent cults.

Bill Hoover


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