Saving children

I would like to express my feelings about all the news about the Branch Davidians. Everyone who has put the ATF and FBI down should be ashamed.

They are only trying to save the little children who are in there. If not for them I feel they would blow that place to Hades.

And as for the news media, why don’t all those out-of-towners go home?

Leona Henkel


Read the Tribune-Herald's 7-part investigative series on the inner workings of the Branch Davidians. Hours after Part Two appeared in print, the ATF raided the group's compound.

Read the Tribune-Herald’s account of the ATF raid on the Branch Davidian compound on Feb. 28, 1993. Four ATF agents and six in the compound were killed in the gunfight.

Read the daily news accounts of the 51-day siege at the Branch Davidian compound near Elk, which began Feb. 28 and lasted until April.

Read the accounts of April 19 and beyond: FBI agents began inserting canisters of tear gas into the Branch Davidian compound in the early morning hours. By noon, it was on fire.