God’s signs

God has a marvelous sense of humor. By creating us he allowed someone named Howell or Koresh to proclaim himself Jesus and a few pathetic souls have gone even further and believed him.

I’ve long felt that thunder and lightning are God’s signs of showing displeasure over many of our asinine behaviors.

J.D. Emery


Visit our city

The London Times writer Ben MacIntyre portrays our city as “a place of pick-up trucks, religious devotion and lots of guns.” He says our cuisine ranges from hamburgers to cheeseburgers.

Hey, Ben, where do you get off coming to our city and running it and its citizens down? You probably never heard of Waco before Feb. 28.

First of all, Mount Carmel is not in Waco. Yet you condemn Waco for the actions of one man. You, sir, are here to do a story about the Branch Davidians not Waco, Texas.

So, Mr. MacIntyre, if you are so uncomfortable, if you want more than hamburgers and cheeseburgers, if you want fresh vegetables then get off the side of the highway. Drive 10 miles west and personally visit our city, which I doubt you did before you wrote this trash.

If you still can’t find something to satisfy your needs, then we extend to you an invitation to catch the next plan back to England. If you ask nicely maybe someone will give you a ride on a dead horse, and send along a sack of hamburgers so you don’t get hungry on the way home.

David Thomas


Jesus in prison?

If you believed that you were Jesus Christ and you had convinced about 100 other people of that fact, is it possible for you to face the possibility of life in prison?

Surely that is the least Howell-Koresh would get for ordering the murder of four ATF law enforcement officers.

Susan Harrison


Superior job

The ATF and FBI agents are to be commended for the excellent manner in which they are performing their tasks.

Sure some mistakes have probably been made, but I believe these men are doing a far superior job than any of the onlookers could do.

My wife and I fully support these people. They are more patient and polite to the members of the press than I would be in answering some of the stupid questions. Many of the questions have been asked repetitively and some of the information requested is none of our business at this time.

Perhaps the media members have a hearing problem or they are so self-involved that little attention is given to what is being said.

Perhaps if the agents were allowed to do their job without interference, the human parasite known as Vernon Howell could be subdued.

Thank you, agents of the ATF and FBI, for being here when you are needed.

Tom Merritt


Seals opened

This man David Koresh should know he is not Jesus Christ from the very Bible he claims to believe in.

It is seen from the events that happened beginning in 1914 that the seals he claims he is going to open have already been opened in heaven by the only one worthy of opening them, Jesus Christ, except the seventh one.

If Koresh is only a faker and knows it, he may give up. If he is a fanatic who really believes he is Christ, then he may come out shooting, and cause authorities to kill him to fulfill his misconceived prophecy.

LeRoy Walker


Dust off Bible

I would like to comment on the letter of March 28 by K. L. Lowell Lee. He asks the question, “What happens if one overdoses on the Bible?” The he answers, “Branch Davidians.”

The cult is not a result of too much Bible study but rather too little Bible knowledge. According to Texe Marrs, author and head of Living Truth Ministries of Austin, the people most vulnerable to a cult recruiter are: 1) People going through stressful times; 2) Married couples looking for solutions to marital problems; 3) Women ages 40-50 whose children have left home and who lack purpose; 4) Society’s rejects who don’t fit in; 5) People with little knowledge of the Bible.

Many people today fit into one or more of these categories. A thorough knowledge of the Bible can be a safeguard when one is approached with lies and deception. Dust off the “Good Book.”

Carolyn Knowles


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