Let him think

If David Koresh is going to sit back and think about things, the ATF and FBI should remove all the ambulances, all the barricades, all the command posts, all the helicopters, all the hundreds of police officers surrounding the compound and the line up of all Army tanks in front of the compound with about 10 funeral hearses in the background and let David Koresh sit back and think about that.

James Pack


Waco’s at fault

I believe Waco is at fault for the tragedy of the lives of four federal officers and many of the cult members’ lives at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.

The information that was announced by the media proved that the local authorities were warned repeatedly that the cult was building an arsenal of weapons. The Tribune-Herald released a story about the alleged Messiah, David Koresh, a day before the shooting began. I believe Waco wanted some publicity. The local authorities knew Koresh had gun power and obviously were ready for any type of action.

The action applied to arrest Koresh took many lives. They could have gone about the raid a different way. Why didn’t the authorities try to arrest Koresh away from the compound or away from his people?

I don’t think the local authorities needed the news media and people around when this raid took place. It is just a shame about the people who were taken or injured in this ridiculous event.

Cindy Bruton


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