Let God be judge

I am weeping, sometimes uncontrollably. The hopeful end that began the morning of April 19 turned in to the nightmare Mr. Howell planned all along.

Stop throwing blame. The FBI, ATF and all other agencies did their best to end this without death. Mr. Howell caused the deaths of all those 90 people.

Howell has done nothing but lie and deceive everyone. His followers believed his lies, giving him their lives, their money, their wives and daughters and their dignity.

The humiliation of being discovered moved him to destroy them all.

He did everything for selfish gain, twisting God’s word to suit his selfish desires. This tragedy should send us straight to God’s word. We can never take one man’s word as truth.

We must compare any teachings to God’s word which is truth (Hebrews 4:12, Matthew 24:45-11).

Mr. Howell left his family and the remnants of his followers to suffer his embarrassment and punishment.

My prayers are with the survivors of this tragedy. And please, let God be the judge of every man.

Tina Lundy


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