Need our thanks

I wanted to thank the many police officers, ATF, FBI, DPS and sheriff’s department personnel from around the United States who have come to Waco to help us in the past month.

I also would like to thank all of the many volunteers who have spent their time providing food, their homes, etc. to help these people and the many businesses and people who have donated food.

I think the critics of the Mount Carmel situation have lost sight of the fact that this is a very dangerous situation. David Koresh is a criminal and nothing more or less. The people involved in the raid on Feb. 28 were doing more than their jobs. Agents were wounded or killed protecting the citizens of the United States. Any criticism of this raid is totally unwarranted.

It seems that these officers need our thanks, not our criticism. And to their families, I also want to thank them for allowing a member of their family to place themselves in danger to help those in need on a daily basis.

John H. Lovelace Jr.


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