False Christ

This letter is concerning the David Koresh mess here in Waco. If Koresh is Christ, would Christ carry a Glock gun? I don’t think so.

Also if he is Christ why can’t he heal himself?

A lot of people wish to blame the FBI and the ATF for this lasting this long but they are not to blame. Many also wish to blame President Clinton for not allowing the FBI and the ATF to do anything to end this matter.

The blame does not lie with any of the above, but with David Koresh, the man who started this mess on Feb. 28. My sympathy is with the ATF’s family members who lost loved ones.

David Koresh is a false Christ that the Bible speaks about in the last days. There will be many false Christs who will be able to deceive many people before Christ comes again.

Lorrie Robinson

Elm Mott

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