Casualties known in the armed cult standoff. Names of killed and injured agents identified by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

ATF Agents Killed

Steve Willis, 32, Houston field division, assigned to Houston, three years as an ATF agent.

Robert J. Williams, 26, New Orleans field division, assigned to Little Rock, Ark., four years as an ATF agent.

Conway LaBleu, 30, New Orleans field division, assigned to New Orleans, five years as an ATF agent.

Todd McKeehan, 28, New Orleans field division, assigned to New Orleans, three years as an ATF agent.

ATF Agents Admitted to Waco Hospitals

Larry L. Shiver, Houston field division

Eric Evers, Houston field division

J. Wm. Buford, New Orleans field division

W. Glen Jordan, New Orleans field division

Kenneth M. King, New Orleans field division

Keith Constantino, New Orleans field division

John Risenhoover, Houston field division

ATF Agents Treated and Released from Waco Hospitals

Roland Ballesteros, Houston field division

Mark A. Handley, Houston field division

Michael Russell, Dallas field division

Steven M. Steele, Dallas field division

Gerald Petrilli, Dallas field division

Clay Alexander, New Orleans field division

Claire E. Rayburn, Houston field division

Sam Cohen, Dallas field division

Within Cult Compound

Three adult cult members wounded included cult leader Vernon Howell, according to Howell.

One 2-year-old cult member killed during morning shootout, according to Howell.

One cult member killed during evening shootout, according to ATF.

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