Church bells throughout the area are scheduled to ring today at noon as part of a “day of healing” from the effects of the tragedy at Mount Carmel.

Waco Mayor Bob Sheehy announced the commemoration Wednesday. He said he hopes it will help area residents deal with the fiery deaths of 86 Branch Davidians, including 17 children.

“I’m hoping everyone will take it as an end to the ordeal as far as the city is concerned,” he said. “Let’s look forward to putting it behind us.”

Churches and synagogues participating in the “day of healing” are:

First United Methodist, First Lutheran, Central Presbyterian, Seventh & James Baptist, First Baptist of Waco, St. Paul’s Episcopal, First Presbyterian and Seventh Day Adventist.

Also, Austin Avenue United Methodist, Western Heights Baptist, Central United Methodist, Calvary Baptist, Temple Rodef Sholom, Agudath Jacob Synagogue, Lakewood Christian and Columbus Avenue Baptist.

Also, St. Francis Catholic, St. Mary’s Catholic, St. Louis Catholic, Holy Spirit Episcopal, Fellowship Bible Church, Highland Baptist, Calvary Assembly of God, First Assembly of God, Lake Shore Drive Church of Christ and St. Alban’s Episcopal.

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