The Baylor Board of Regents unanimously approved a new strategic vision for the university during its quarterly meeting in Waco this week.

Pro Futuris, or "for our future," seeks to continue Baylor's goals of merging its Christian values with continued academic excellence, building on the main goals of previous 10-year plan Baylor 2012.

"We think it is a guide post for the future," Board Chairman Buddy Jones said after the regents' meeting wrapped Friday. "We think it will enable Baylor to make progress in academics, in athletics, in philanthropy, in every area of the university."

Where Baylor 2012 dictated specific goals for advancing academic studies, research initiatives and campus life, Pro Futuris outlines five aspirational statements — such as striving for transformational education and compelling scholarship — with broad objectives for accomplishing each.

"It has the great strength of flexibility, but the flexibility is pointed to a continuing collaboration," Baylor President Ken Starr said. "We will therefore be able to respond to opportunities as they arise as we continue the conversation, beginning here on campus with faculty, staff and administration ... to identify the specific goals that we then set out to accomplish." 

The new strategic vision goes into effect June 1. The plan can be found online at



Baylor 2012 — A decade of change

This is the first of a six-part series examining the successes and failures of Baylor University’s 10-year growth and visioning plan known as Baylor 2012.



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