Singer-songwriter Pat Green plans to release a new album in 2014.

It’s a new year ahead for Texas singer-songwriter Pat Green and he plans to ease into it with a few smaller, acoustic shows like the one he’ll do Friday at Wild West Waco.

“It’s a way to start the new year with something light and fun,” he said, speaking by phone from his Fort Worth home where he was recovering from a bout with the flu. “I did it (in Waco) a couple of years ago with Josh Abbott.”

Instead of Abbott, Green, 41, will have Fort Worth-based country singer Matt Kimbrow as an opening act. It’s a more personal show without a full band for the former Waco resident and Vanguard School grad. and as such, fans can anticipate Green sharing more stories about his songs and their context, he said.

While he has plenty of songs that are fan favorites — more than a dozen Top 40 country singles and a national No. 3 hit “Wave on Wave” — Green also will preview some of his newest work, including the first single planned for a February debut from his latest and yet-unreleased album.

“I have a new record coming out (in 2014) so it’s time to do that dance again,” he said.

That album, with a working title of “Home,” follows Green’s 2012 release “Songs We Wished We’d Written” on Sugar Hill Records, but the record release dance will be different as there’s no record label signed to distribute it.

“I don’t know if I really want one,” said Green, who recorded and released his first four albums — now available on iTunes — before he signed with the major label Universal Music Group.

Big music companies like UMG and BNA, to which Green moved after finishing three albums for Universal, helped provide a considerable platform for Green, who toured nationally and often with the likes of Kenny Chesney, the Dave Matthews Band and Keith Urban.

The Texas country musician grew tired of clashing with the Nashville majors, though, and opted for smaller Sugar Hill Records after his 2009 album “What I’m For” for BNA.

Green’s solid Texas fan base and support from Texas radio give him a little breathing room to think about “Home’s” release as does his new venture into the restaurant business, the Texas country-themed The Rustic.

The Fort Worth-based Green and restauranteurs Free Range Concepts opened The Rustic in uptown Dallas, near the intersection of Lemon Avenue and North Central Expressway, early last fall.

“It’s doing gangbusters, so much better than I ever thought it was going to do,” he said. “It’s what they say: location, location, location — and I got into it with guys who really knew what they were doing.”

Green and his wife Kori have lived in Fort Worth for the last nine years and the San Antonio-born Texan finds himself carving out more time for family, with 10-year-old son Kellis and 7-year-old daughter Rianey.

“It’s a pretty magical age,” he said. “As Nicolas Cage says in ‘Raising Arizona,’ ‘These are the salad days,’ “ he laughed.