Mike Ryan

The first single off Mike Ryan’s new album has more than 4 million streams on Spotify.

Mike Ryan photo

Texas country singer-songwriter Mike Ryan says songwriters sometimes get those “aha!” moments and one recent case came in a sad song.

“Sad Song,” actually, which Ryan penned with co-writers Clint Lagerberg and Brent Anderson. “Sometimes in the middle of a song you figure out it’s a good one,” he said in a recent phone interview. That happened with “Sad Song” and the vibe was strong enough that he wanted to act fast. “We finished and recorded it that night. It’s so raw, we decided on just piano and vocals,” he explained. “It’s one of the most emotional songs I’ve been involved in writing.”

Fans are getting their chance to hear “Sad Song,” the second single from Ryan’s new album “Blink You’ll Miss It,” set for release Oct. 20. “New Hometown,” the album’s first released single, has garnered more than 4 million streams on Spotify and Ryan hopes to build on the success of his last recording, “Bad Reputation,” which had three No. 1 hits on the Texas Music Charts.

Ryan’s Waco audience can catch him and some of his new songs Friday night when he performs at The Backyard with Aaron Einhouse. His fall Texas dates come before he and his band head out for a West Coast tour. That follows an East Coast tour in the summer, with both providing new audiences for the singer-songwriter to meet. “It’s always exciting taking a chance,” he said. “Some audiences are hearing us for the first time. When we were on the East Coast, pretty much every person at the show hadn’t seen us before.”

What audiences new and old find is a personable energy from Ryan and his five-piece band that complements his song-writing skills.

“We like to have fun,” he explained. “We like to play off each other and the crowd.”

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