Waco artist Katherine Makowsky didn’t go far for inspiration when it came to the woods and paths that populate the pictures of her exhibit “Works on Paper” opening Thursday at the Art Center of Waco.

A Waco native and Baylor University graduate, the 26-year-old enjoys hiking the trails in Cameron Park. She also found woods nearby during her recent time as Art Center of Waco artist-in-residence.

As she looked at the trees that surrounded her on a walk or a jog, she thought about the paths and where they were headed. The interplay of natural forest with constructed path brought ideas of beginnings and endings, of cycles not only of nature, but of human culture. “It seems like a really good jumping-off point,” she said.

Most of the 41 prints and mixed media pieces in “Works On Paper” play with the idea of paths, through forests and open areas. She works with a largely monochromatic palette, with blacks and greys predominating — a preference dating from her college days, she said. In some cases, the artist drew trees on transparent Mylar sheets, then layered them over a print of a forest path.

Much of the work in her first solo show since college was created over the last two years, a time that included her residency at the center. “I found it exciting,” she said. “It brought me closer to the heart of the Waco arts scene.”

“Works On Paper” opens its two-month run with a reception at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the center.


“Works On Paper: Katherine Makowski

When, where: Thursday through Jan. 7 at the Art Center of Waco, 1300 College Drive. Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays.

Admission: Free, but $5 donation suggested.