Details for Shelter Pets


Save a Life, Adopt or Foster Today! Jester (A077803), 2 yrs. Smart, handsome, full of energy, knows basic commands, walks well on a leash, has been at shelter much too long & is wondering if anyone will ever come to offer him a home. We believe that whoever will do so, is going to be a very lucky person, indeed. Riley, (A080411), 2 yrs, can't understand either, why he has been overlooked so far. His beautiful markings, friendly but sometimes a little shy personality, is certainly worth a second look and a final adoption. Visit him and maybe he is the right fit for your household. Darby (A080598), 1 yr, is another dog, who is a great 'catch', but seems to have not been able to be noticed enough to find his real home. He is curious, friendly, versatile, smart and so much more. Enough, we think, to have all the makings of just the right dog for an active family. Ross (A080638) is unique in every way. Elegant, even beautiful, nice & ready to be the best companion for the family on the go. He is a special guy, who will be the perfect fit for the special family, who we believe has to be 'out there', to 'come on in' and meet him today. HUMANE SOCIETY OF CENTRAL TEXAS 2032 Circle Rd - 754-1454